Brow Shape & Tint

At Bridal & Brows we only work with soft beeswax (no strips) which is the most gentle but efficient way of waxing. We want the best for your brows and skin so we use the right before and after care products. Waxing is suitable for most skin types and leaves the skin smooth for a long time. When you have super thin skin, or when using acne medication Roaccutane or any chemical peelings/ acids waxing is not for you. Our specialist will help you and give you the best advice.

Brow tinting:

Our hybrid tint gives a natural effect and will last 4/8 days with a soft stain on the skin and 3/4 weeks on the hairs. With means it will give you more of a powder effect. Hybrid dye is just in between a regular and a henna tint.

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