V-Lift Treatment

Krx Aesthetics has now developed a no mixing, direct application for brightening and lifting facial pack called the Ultra V-Lift Mask.

The Ultra V-Lift Mask is made to treat fine lines, visibly lifts skin, clears out and tightens pores and improves skin by clearing dead skin cells.

Skin will be permanently lifted, and brightened with contious use. It is recommended to use it atleast once a week for 4 sessions, and once every 2 weeks for maintenance.

This mask shows different textures as when dried on skin to diagnose skin problems.

•Bumpy/Bubbly – Lack of collagen / Sagging/ Wrinkly

•Dry/Cracking – Dehydrated

•Smooth – Skin is close to or normal.

It is Cruelty, Alcohol, Paraben, Mineral oil, Fragrance and Artificial Coloring Free.

V-Lift Treatment: AFL 160 / USD $89

V-Lift & Carboxy Mask: AFL 215 / USD $120