With our exclusive IPL sPTF + you achieve top results:

  • sPTF + (Photo Therapy Flash) uses the latest flash therapy technology. This technology is recommended by today’s international aesthetic industry.
  • Selected colors act on skin problems without damaging the skin.
  • The sPTF + technology is an improvement of IPL (Intense Pulse Light), it combines light energy with heat energy to achieve maximum effect. It is a safe, painless and effective treatment for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne, pigmentation, spider naevus and rosacea.

Skin rejuvenation

Everyone wants to look young and beautiful, which is why IPL sPTF+ is more and more used for skin rejuvenation. The carefully filtered light ensures that only those wavelengths reach the skin that promote collagen and elastin production. The skin rejuvenation treatment with IPL sPTF+ provides a fresh, young appearance.


By applying special flashes of light to the specific skin area, the blood vessels are coagulated (curdled) and the blood flow is shut off. This treatment is ideal for rosacea, spider naevus and small veins on the legs.

Pigment treatment

With the special light of the filter you can reduce pigmentation spots, age spots, freckles and pregnancy masks. The encapsulated pigment is gently and safely broken down while the circulation and regeneration of the skin cells is stimulated in the treatment area.

Hair removal

The treatment is done by means of light. This light is absorbed by melanin, the pigment naturally found in the marrow of the hair. This absorption of light causes heat development, which is conducted to the hair follicle. Once the temperature in the hair follicle reaches more than 70 degrees, it will result in a desired clotting effect. This causes the hair follicle to die and its ability to regrowth is destroyed.

Acne Treatment

The violet/blue light targets the bacteria that cause acne. The inflammations are reduced and the pores are reduced. The special light spectrum will kill the propion bacteria that causes the inflammation.

Advantages of IPL sPTF +

  • An advanced charge and discharge control technology ensures that the output energy is very accurate.
  • Efficient: large treatment area of 21X47mm to shorten the treatment.
  • The interval pulses are short and vary from 2.1-2.2 sec.
  • Painless and safe treatments, no risk of burns.


Armpits – AWG 101.00 / $ 57,15
Back – AWG 404.00 / $ 228,58
Under legs – AWG 323.50 / $ 182,86
Chin – AWG 101.00 / $ 57,15
Under arms – AWG 172.00 / $ 97,15
Bikini – AWG 101.00 / $ 57,15
Upper legs – AWG 323.50 / $ 182,86
Brazilian – AWG 233.00 / $ 128,58
Upper lip – AWG 91.00 / $ 51,43
Face – AWG 233.00 / $ 128,58